Just two tablets of Rejuvant® every morning is all it takes to build strength, increase endurance, feel more energetic, look younger, and live a healthier life.

Proven Effective
The only supplement shown to lower biological age; we give you a test so you can see for yourself.

Sustained Release

AKG is metabolized in under 30 minutes — but LifeAKG™ mimics the body's natural release of AKG throughout the day.

Easy To Digest

AKG is highly acidic and known to cause GI distress — but LifeAKG™ includes calcium to buffer against acidity.

4x More Effective

LifeAKG™ has been proven to be four times more effective to reduce biological age than diet, exercise and lifestyle changes.

Ultra Pure

The process to make CaAKG yields many impurities — but our patent-pending LifeAKG™ method creates an ultra pure product that is 98% pure.

Hospital Quality

Each batch of LifeAKG™ is screened in a 3rd party lab for heavy metals, pesticides, and microbes.

Gender Specific

Our testing revealed gender-specific responses to ingredient synergies, so we created specialized formulas for men and women.


Supported by thousands of published papers, years of clinical research, and published results of human trial data.

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