Featured & Proprietary Products

Aug 24, 2022

Proprietary Products
1. SkinStim™ www.skin-stim.com for skin treatment.
2. HairCell™ www.haircellstim.com for hair treatment
3. ErectiStim™ www.erectistim.com for improving circulation and muscle erectile dysfunction treatment
4. BodStim™ www.bodstim.com for improving muscle tone
5. OrthoStim www.ortho-stim.com for improving muscle strength around knees and reducing joint pain/inflammation

Distributed Products
5. Mettler Electronics www.mettlerelectronics.com full range of FDA cleared devices
6. WiemsPro www.wiemspro.com OEM partner for FDA cleared electrical stimulation body suits
7. Onafit https://www.onafit.com OEM partner for electrical stimulation fashion fitness wear
8. Pulsed Energy Tech www.pulsedenergytech.com PEMF muscle recovery equipment (not medical use).
9. HTM Electronics https://htmeletronica.com.br/en/home-2/ full range of MedSpa and Sports/Physical Therapy Rehabilitation equipment
10. REVIVV hair serums > https://www.revivv.co

Advantages of Onnafit Bioelectric Yoga Pants 
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PEMF Product Line

Microcurrent Healing Suit

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