Training & Certification Program


Lionheart Health and its partners have trained thousands of healthcare providers on how to implement precision, preventive, bioelectric and regenerative medicine at their clinics. Read below to learn more about Lionheart Health and our training certification program.

Over 900 professionals have been trained on our base EMS suits by our partner firm Wiemspro. Our Mettler Electronics Anaheim, CA OEM manufactured devices have been used to treat over 100,000 patients since 1957. Our HTM Electronics OEM manufactured products have been used to treat over 200,000 patients since 1999 in the areas of injury recovery, physical therapy, muscle building, joint pain relief, skin and hair regeneration and body toning/sculpting.

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Extending Vitality Through Bioelectric Protein Expression and Bioelectric Enhanced Biologics Science

No other team in the world has more experience with regenerative and bioelectric therapies than the founding team of Lionheart Health. Since 1982 they have been innovating. Working with Dr. Robert O. Becker the Author of The Body Electric in the mid-1980s on bioelectric regeneration research. In 1988 with Dr. Race Kao and Dr. George Magovern they regenerated their first organ with muscle stem cells. The repaired their first aortic aneurysm in a clinical patient in Australia in 1995.They implanted their first biological pacemaker in 1990. In 1999 they published their first bioelectric regeneration peer reviewed article in Circulation The Journal of the American Heart Association. In 2001 they led the team that completed the first clinical non-surgical regeneration of a damaged heart in The Netherlands. Over 1000 patients have been enrolled in clinical studies and evaluations of Lionheart Health and its partner companies products including those for sexual health, hair and skin regeneration, joint health, wound healing, vision recovery, mental health, kidney and bladder health, blood pressure management, body toning, muscle recovery, arthritis treatment, non surgical breast volume augmentation, better breathing, testosterone therapy, inflammation modulation and more.

The team has over 700 patent claims issued, pending, licensed, optioned or in process related to organ regeneration, healthspan extension or healing.

Lionheart Health has developed an unmatched healthcare education platform to serve you. Designed to provide physicians and thus patients access to a fuller continuum of tools to extend healthspan, prevent disease onset and heal more rapidly when needed. We teach clinicians how to address the early indicators of aging, such as decline in circulating klotho levels, for each unique patient. We offer training on cutting edge unique bioelectric protein expression based therapies and bioelectric enhanced biologics.

  • Full curriculum on how to leverage bioelectric protein expression methods for dozens of applications.
  • Full curriculum on how to utilize bioelectric enhanced biologic therapies for better patient outcomes.
  • Full education suite on the importance of klotho, sestrins, sirtuins, NANOG, SDF1, PDGF, BDNF, Tropoelastin and to healthspan and healing.

The Lionheart Health Method: Clinician Education, Training, & Practice Support

Our cutting-edge, proprietary medical protocols deliver a lifetime of personalized patient care and individual programs based on specific conditions and patient goals.

We educate providers on:

  • Bioelectric protein expression science.
  • Bioelectric enhanced biologics therapies including PRF, amniotic fluid, Wharton’s Jelly, selected exosomes, stem cells, peptides, nutrient hydrogel and more.
  • Deploying data-driven diagnostics from blood tests and genetics.
  • The use of artificial intelligence tools to improve patient outcomes.
  • Tactical dispensing of innovative wellness resources
  • Training on use of patches and micro pumps.
  • Gut microbiota health management.
  • Sexual health optimization.
  • Healthspan optimization.
  • Hair regeneration and removal.
  • Skin regeneration.
  • Body toning and sculpting.
  • Non-surgical breast augmentation.
  • Mental health therapies.
  • Blood pressure management.
  • Better breathing and sleeping tools.
  • Diabetes management and possibly reversal.
  • Healthy weight-loss programs.
  • Hormone optimization protocols and tools.
  • Complementary roles of nutraceuticals and other supplements

Training on the Lionheart Health Method helps physicians and professionals to consistently deliver individualized care that patients value.

Training For Providers & Their Teams

The Lionheart Health training facilities for physicians, healthcare providers, and medical staff provides on-site and virtual educational programs, seminars, training, and refresher courses in healthspan optimization, bioelectric therapies, biologics therapies, gut microbiota health, vitamin and nutraceutical guidance, and other topics. This unique rigorous curriculum and clinical training program in unmatched in the field. Upon completion, each provider is teamed with a Lionheart Health Mentor, who is committed to providing continuing support and guidance, including regulatory compliance, education, and new research updates.

Lionheart Health By The Numbers:

  • 700+ patent claims.
  • 20+ top tier medical advisors.
  • 3 experienced MedSpa operator advisors.
  • 6 training faculty members.
  • 40+ experienced mentors in various specialties.

Training in Complementary Protocols Ensures Individualized Patient Care & Best Results

More than healthspan optimization alone, Lionheart Health offers training and education for a variety of tools and protocols including sexual health optimization, mental health, joint health, non-surgical breast volume augmentation, body toning/sculpting, skin regeneration, hair regeneration, hair removal, muscle injury recovery, memory and cognitive function improvement, addiction recovery methods, yoga therapy, better breathing and sleep, diabetes management, blood pressure modulation tools, healthy weight loss techniques, gut microbiota health and more.

Lionheart Curated Healthier Aging Nutraceuticals

Lionheart Health’s curated nutraceutical formulations from partner suppliers such as HopBox can be a an important component of healthier aging. Our line of essential nutraceuticals provide important nutritional support for vitamin and mineral deficiencies that may have created health deficits that have often been accumulating for years.

Lionheart Health Prescription Therapeutics

Bioelectric protein expressions (particularly klotho), Biologics and Peptides are found in every cell and tissue and perform a wide range of essential functions. Biological messengers carry information from one tissue through the blood to another. Lionheart Health has developed patient-specific therapies that may provide a health advantage that further supports healthy aging and healthspan extension.Bioelectric protein expression, bioelectric enhanced biologics and peptides not only support healthspan optimization, they also serve to potentially optimize the cell’s efficiency to handle stressors, oxidization, endothelial dysfunction, calcification, blood pressure and inflammation.They may also enhance libido and overall sexual health. They can possibly even improve memory, cognitive function and mental health including relief from depression and addiction. They may support the efficiency of intestinal absorption, improve recovery time, optimize liver, heart, and brain efficiency, optimize sleep and breathing, and increase fat burning and lean muscle mass building. Lionheart Health working with partner OEM manufactures has FDA market clearance for augmenting the benefits of exercise especially in building more muslce more quickly, improving circulation, pain/inflammation relief, muscle toning and muscle injury and atrophy recovery, arthritis treatment including osteoarthritis and for preventing blood clots after surgery. Inventions developed by our experienced founding team have treated more than 600,000 patients to date. Precision therapeutics include bioelectric stimulation protein expression devices and bioelectric enhanced biologics such as Platelet Rich Fibrin, selected exosomes, amniotic membranes, nutrient hydrogel and Wharton’s Jelly. Device therapy protocols may include Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields (PEMF).

Note – Certification may be availability limited in numbers and limited to exclusive territories.

40 Hour Basic Starter Training Program Breakdown

1. Understanding basics of bioelectric medicine and key protein expressions – 3 hours
a.  Klotho, sestrins, sirtuins, NANOG, NAD, Follistatin, GDF10, GDF11, Tropoelastin, eNOS, HGF, EGF, CXCL5, SDF1, PDGF, S100a, BDNF, Serotonin, RANK-L, OPG, BMP9, BMP2, COL1, COL3, COL17A1 and more. 
2. Training on patented SkinStim TM and SkinStim TM Plus Biologics skin regeneration protocol – 30 minutes.
3. Training on Stimulus Face Maxx TM skin regeneration protocol – 30 minutes
4. Training on SkinStim MyoFace TM skin regeneration and muscle toning protocol – 30 minutes.
5. Training on KlothoSkin, Regen Aesthertics and Nulastin products – 30 minutes.
6. Training on Sonic Compact Maxx TM for Skin – 30 minutes.
6. Training on EMPower TM body sculpting protocol – 1 hour.
7. Training on Onnafit TM body toning protocol – 30 minutes.
8. Training on CriuSculpt TM fat dissolving protocol – 30 minutes.
9. Training on BodStim TM EMS suits – 30 minutes
10. Training on Aesthetics Biomedical RF Microneedling – 1 hour.
11. Training on Sonic Compact Maxx TM for Body Toning – 30 minutes
11. Training on HairCell and HairCell Plus Biologics hair regeneration protocol – 30 minutes.
12. Training on StimHair hair regeneration protocol – 30 minutes.
13. Training on Revivv hair regeneration serum – 30 minutes.
14. Training on Acrus hair removal – 30 minutes.
15. Training on OrthoStim TM and OrthoStim Plus Biologics TM – 30 minutes
16. Training on Pulsed Energy Tech PEMF – 30 minutes
17. Training on Axiobionics and ElectroGear rehabilitation products – 30 minutes
18. Training on HTM Sports Medicine Product line – 30 minutes
19. Training on ErectiStim TM and ErectiStim TM Plus Biologics – 1 hour
20. Training on PeachStim TM female rejuvenation – 30 minutes
21. Training on TestiStim TM and Fountain TRT – 30 minutes
22. Training on Acoustic Pulse technologies – 30 minutes
23. Training on Stem Cell Bra TM and BreastStim TM – 30 minutes
24.Training on BladderCell TM and BladderCell Plus Biologics TM – 1 hour
25. Training on B-Alive TM wearable – 1 hour
26. Training on DepressiStim TM – 15 minutes.
27. Training on MemoryStim TM – 15 minutes.
28. Training on Addictistim TM – 15 minutes.
29. Training on CerebraCell TM – 15 minutes
30. Training on CerebraCell Brain-N-Hance TM – 15 minutes
31. Training on Saebo stroke recovery – 30 minutes
32.  Training on Second Brain – 30  minutes
33.  Training on gut health check diagnostics and probiotics – 1 hour
34.  Training on PressureStim TM – 30 minutes
35.  Halipax Cold Laser Watch TM – 30 minutes
36. Training on InStim – 30 minutes
37. Training on BodStim D TM and Well12 – 30 minutes
38. Training on BreatheStim TM and ArchStim TM – 30 minutes
39. PRF & PRP – 30 minutes
40. Exosomes – 30 minutes
41. Stem cells – 1 hour
42. Adipose derived cells and stromal fraction – 30 minutes
43. Nutrient hydrogel – 30 minutes
44. Wharton’s Jelly – 30 minutes
45. Aminotic fluid and membranes – secretome – 30 minutes
46. Training on InStim TM and OrhtoStim TM – 30 minutes
47. Hyperbaric oxygen – 30 minutes
48. Elevation therapy – 30 minutes
49. Cardiometabolics and Metabolic Health – LUMEN – 30 minutes
50. Nutritional supplements – 1 hour
51. WildHealth TM health optimization program – 30 minutes
52. Hormone optimization – 1 hour
53. Biostimulator injections – 1 hour
54. Pelvic floor treatments – 30 minutes
55. Lip treatments – 1 hour
56. Double chin treatments – 30 minutes
57. Eye lid and eye area wrinkle treatments – 30 minutes
59. Improved vision – 1 hour
60. Improved hearing – 1 hour
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