Lionheart Health, Inc. Core Team

Howard J. Leonhardt – Executive Chairman and CEO

Dr. Leslie Miller – Chief Medical Officer

Anthony Domenici – Chief Financial Officer

Matt Fendrich – VP of Sales

Lynn Hammerschmidt – VP Operations and Marketing

Dr. Jorge Genovese – VP Bioelectric Research

Kelsie Leonhardt – Chief Neuroscientist and Business Development

Dr. Cristiane Carboni – Chief Research Coordinator

Brian Lasater – Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Amy Killen – Chief MedSpa Medical Advisor

Brian Hardy – Director of Marketing

Jon Dilon – VP Sales Development West Coast Region

Dr. Sanjay Bhorjaj – Chief Cardiology Officer and MedSpa Director

Dr Patrick Griffith – VP Business Development

Henk Abbink – VP International Market Development

Jasmine Arredondo – Chief Accountant and Accounts Payable

Amanda Roberts – Executive Assistant

James Dorsey – Chief MedSpa Advisor

David Brown – Chief SEO Consultant & Senior Marketing Advisor