Lionheart Health MedSpas 2024

Aug 24, 2022

Coming in 2024!

Lionheart Health MedSpas of the Future!

Wellness Centers and Integrative Health and Research Institutes

Description: In 2024 Lionheart Health plans to launch their own Lionheart Health Super MedSpa Wellness Center and Integrative Health and Research Institute in Orange County, California with branch locations in Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Carmel and Palo Alto. This Lionheart Health Super MedSpa will have sub-spas within it for Skin, Hair, Body Toning, Sexual Health, Hair Removal, Gut Microbiota Management, Brain/Neuro which includes depression, anxiety, stroke and TBI recovery, addition, memory and cogitation function improvement, Vascular including varicose veins treatment, Better Smiles, Vision improvement, Hearing Improvement, Better Breathing, Precision Customized Nutrition, Exercise, Yoga, Meditation, Cardio-metabolics management, Anti-Aging Clinic and more.

In the latter portion of 2024, the company plans to begin offering Lionheart Health Spa Franchises in these units…

  • Lionheart Health Super MedSpa and Wellness Center offering all available services and products
  • Lionheart Health SkinSpa in partnership with SkinStim
  • Lionheart Health Hair Regeneration and Removal Spa in partnership with HairCell
  • Lionheart Health Body Toning Spa in partnership with BodStim
  • Lionheart Health NeuroSpa in partnership with CerebraCell, DepressiStim, MemoryStim, TremorStim
  • Lionheart Health Gut Microbiota Spa in partnership with Second Brain
  • Lionheart Health Vein Clinic
  • Lionheart Health Diabetic Wound Healing Clinic in partnershp with VascuStim
  • Lionheart Health Addiction Recovery Clinics in partnership with AddictiStim
  • Lionheart Health Better Smiles Spa
  • Lionheart Health Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinics – Joint Care Including Arthritis in partnership with OrthoStim
  • Lionheart Health Better Breathing Spa in partnership with Stimcore, Inc. and BreatheStim
  • Lionheart Health Fitness in Partnership with Golds Gym of SoCal
  • Lionheart Health Cancer Tumor Suppression Spa in partnership with CancerCell and BodStim
  • Lionheart Health Integrative Health and Research Institutes
  • Lionheart Health Yoga and Meditation Clinics
  • Lionheart Health Anti-Aging Clinics
  • Lionheart Health Customized Nutrition and Precision Medicine Clinic based on DNA and blood testing
  • Lionheart Health Stem Cell and Biologics Clinics featuring Klotho expressing mesenchymal stem cells and bioelectric PRF

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