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Get all of the benefits of high dose prescription strength NAD+ IVs without the needles, all at home, whenever you want, for a fraction of the cost.

About NAD+
NAD+ is a critical coenzyme your body uses to produce energy & regulate key bodily functions. The problem is that as we age the level of NAD+ in our bodies decreases which is associated with the acceleration of your body’s aging and most disease processes.

The good news? You can increase it.

Benefits of NAD+

Boosted metabolism and energy:
NAD+ has been shown to increase your mitochondria function and ATP production, the “power plant” and energy currency of your cells that drive your energy and metabolism:

Improved Longevity
NAD+ levels decline as you age. This decline is linked to age-related diseases like cognitive decline, cancer, metabolic disease, and frailty. Many of these processes have been shown to slow or even reverse by restoring NAD+ levels:

Improved Performane and Recovery
Increasing NAD+ levels in mice has been shown to increase endurance, capacity, stem cells, and regeneration of skeletal muscle tissue:

Better Working Brain
Raising NAD+ status for only one week has shown reduced expression of inflammation markers such as TNFa and IL-6 and has been shown to reduce symptoms of inflammatory autoimmune conditions:

Better DNA Repair
DNA damage has been linked to a variety of diseases and aging. NAD+ status improvement has been shown to increase angiogenesis, DNA repair and synthesis, and liver regeneration:

About the Patch

We’re able to provide a non-invasive process to replenish and increase bioavailability of NAD+ in your body.

❌ No More Needles
You shouldn’t have to get a needle stuck in your arm to get the benefits of high dose NAD+ and now you don’t with our transdermal iontophoresis patches.

⚡️ Use Anywhere, at Anytime
No being stuck to an IV bag and tubes. Apply your IonLayer patch like a bandaid and go about normal day to day activities while getting a steady drip of NAD+.

🧘 No More Queasy Reactions
NAD+ IVs notoriously lead to cramping and nausea. Our patches deliver NAD+ over 4 hours so you barely feel any reaction to high doses.

🚀 High Dose NAD+
Supplement NAD+ precursors like NMN and NR don’t supply your body with NAD+ directly. Each IonLayer patch delivers more bioactive NAD+ than most IVs straight to your bloodstream.

💰 Cheaper than IVs
Most NAD+ IVs cost $750+ per 500mg infusion and over $4k for a 6-pack of IVs. Our IonLayer patches are a fraction of the cost so you can use prescription strength NAD+ to reach all of your health goals.

📈 Maximum Bioavailability
Our NAD+ is shipped in its raw state and mixed with sterile water immediately before use to ensure maximum effectiveness and bioavailability.

How it Works:

Mix NAD+ Solution
NAD+ is most effective when it is used immediately after it is reconstituted. This is why we offer you individual portioned vials of NAD+ and sterile water solution (blue bottles) to mix right before use

Apply Solution to Patch
To power you Ion Layer Patch apply the provided salt solution (pink bottles) on the negative side and your NAD+ solution on the positive side. This will help push the NAD+ into your bloodstream without needles

Apply patch to Skin
Place you Ion Layer patch anywhere on your body that is free of hair. The included battery will begin powering the patch automatically and deliver the NAD+ to your bloodstream with any sensation


$108 per infusion (compare to ~$750/IV)
6 RX-exclusive Iontophoresis patches
3,000 mg NAD+ coverage per month (500mg/ patch)
Easy to apply


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