SaeboGlove Hand Therapy Rehabilitation Glove


Incorporate hand therapy at home with this lightweight hand rehabilitation glove designed to help you improve mobility. This innovative glove is designed for individuals recovering from a stroke, neurological condition, or hand injury, allowing them to improve motor recovery and regain functional independence.

  • Cutting-edge technology.
  • Functional task training at home.
  • Adjustable tension levels.
  • Silicone-covered fingertips for better traction.


  • The SaeboGlove is a hand rehabilitation glove designed to help you enhance your recovery process by incorporating functional task training at home. Whether you’re rehabilitating from a stroke, neurological condition, or hand injury, the SaeboGlove is your ultimate companion for restoring hand function and regaining control.
  • Sometimes referred to as a smart glove or robot glove, the SaeboGlove is designed to unlock your brain’s neuroplasticity—the ability to rewire itself after injury—by facilitating every day, purposeful movements.
  • Whether it’s grabbing a glass of water, picking up the TV remote, or twisting a doorknob, the SaeboGlove can help you more easily regain arm and hand function and get back into your daily routine.


  • Crafted with precision and cutting-edge technology, our SaeboGlove combines comfort and functionality to help you perform hand exercises that promote optimal hand rehabilitation.
  • Its lightweight and flexible design ensures a comfortable fit, while the individually adjustable finger supports allow you to personalize the level of resistance to promote targeted and effective hand recovery
  • Strategically placed elastic bands are how this glove assists in finger extension and flexion (grasping and releasing), actively promoting range of motion and strengthening your hand muscles
  • The proprietary tension system extends the fingers and thumb after grasping so you can engage your affected limb for task-specific training.

Unlock the potential of your hand rehabilitation with the SaeboGlove Hand Therapy Rehabilitation Glove. Start your journey towards recovery today and rediscover the power of your hands.


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