SaeboStim Combo Treatment Kit


The SaeboStim Combo Treatment Kit is a comprehensive, reusable kit designed for hospitals and clinics. The combination of the SaeboStim One and the SaeboStim Pro provides a variety of programs, ease of use, and portability. Applications range from addressing function with the SaeboStim Pro’s unique trigger button, to easy management of shoulder subluxation with the wireless SaeboStim One.



Practice functional activities
Spasticity management
Improve motor activity
Improve range of movement

SaeboStim Pro, 2 Units
2″ round electrodes, 1 case of 40
1.25″ round electrodes, 1 pack of 4
3.5″ rectangle electrodes, 1 pack of 4
SaeboStim One, 2 small and 1 large
SaeboStim One wings, 2 small and 1 large
SaeboStim One gel electrodes, 30 small and 30 large


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